Cleaning the crust stains on the ceramic in the easiest way

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The use of ceramic material has now become the choice of favorite which is often used to cover surface of floor and wall of building either home, office and even public facility. So it can not be denied again if various kinds of motives and quality of ceramics ranging from cheap to expensive have been available at the place of the seller of building materials around you. For more information you can visit Reclaimed wooden flooring london .

In addition to good durability, coating the floor and walls with ceramics also provide ease in maintaining cleanliness. But still can not be avoided that ceramics will also experience a decrease in appearance (obsolete) if negligent in maintaining the main hygiene is a stubborn stain so it becomes a crust that is difficult to remove just like that.

The surface of the dull ceramic is actually caused by the dirt that settles because it has been left for too long which in turn makes the outer layer becomes prone to scratches. How to clean the ceramic streaks you can do with a mixture of baking soda and white toothpaste. How to clean a dull ceramic.

Stains on ceramics that have caused dull colors can be selected by using vinegar. Pour vinegar solution on a dull area then let stand for about 15 minutes. Wear a dry cloth to rub the surface to get the original color of the ceramic. For the final cleaning stage was washed with a solution of floor deodorizer to remove the scent of vinegar as well as make the color surface and ceramic motifs again brilliant.

Note, never use chemicals that are eroding ceramic coatings such as liquid, caustic soda or acidic solutions even at low levels. At first glance will make your ceramic look clean, but actually is ceramic layer you have peeled little by little until few months ahead will look dull again even this time it is fatal and will not be cleaned again.